"The Changes In The Earth" 

What They Are & How To Survive Them

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comprising ---

  • The Earth Changes:
    Ancient to Present: Earthquakes, Volcanism, Plate Tectonics, Catastrophes, Solar Activity & Cycles, Planets, Shifting Poles, Cosmic Influx, Climate Enso Cycle, Global Warming/Cooling Climate Cycles
  • The Globalist Crisis:
    The 120 Year War Against Free Humanity, The COVID Pandemonium, How To Defeat It, the Fascist Cabal Great Fake Reset
  • Spiritual Evolution:
    How to Survive and Thrive In Freedom & a Higher State of Being


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Silver Mist:  Imagine a world which has defeated the Cabal by eliminating disease, here is THE online infowar tool (ebook, print guidebooks, video, and database pages) for defeating NWO genocide programs & on-going NAZI mass medical experiments.


SOLAR ALMANAC 2021  (2000-2100)

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SURVIVE GLOBAL COOLING:  a free web database (huge, graphic intensive) which helps children and adults of all ages and backgrounds see through the  Global Warming scam to find guidance about what to expect in the years ahead.


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  1. Advance a new science of the Earth - it is all in the energy flow of the Vortex.
  2. Provide a better temporal understanding of the Cosmic Flux of changes and cycles around us. MOST ESPECIALLY THE SUN AND THE OCEANS.
  3. Day by day to decade by decade, how to see the cycles, what is coming, and how to ride out the flux of change.
  4. Provide a nexus related to certain grave issues:

Chemtrails, DU,  Massive Food and Water Pollutions,  NWO Terrorism & Wars, and Astounding Political Fraud,

most especially as of 2020: 

The Great Reset (AKA The Green New Deal) to re-create Feudalism

COVID-19, previously known as "the flu", as the ploy in a massive theft of the Nations by an international corporatized mafia.

Political and Religious Insanity.

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