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We're Back!!!

& we have a lot to say.

This is your invitation to subscribe to the new version of the Earth Changes Bulletin at MeWe.COM, LOCALS.COM, & TELEGRAM.ORG.  We are going to move forward on three fronts with active participation by the members, as much as they want.  In the Earth Changes front, the Bulletin Weekly Update will be pretty much as it has been, but a bit more rigorously structured and briefer. In the Phoenix Quest front, meditation, health, and spiritual connections will be served. In the Silver Mist front, preserving humanity against infectious disease and overcoming the Globalist program of Medical Tyranny will be passionately pursued.

"This may be a small club, but at least we're in it." 


To subscribe to the Bulletin, you need first to subscribe to and - FREE.

Be sure to bookmark this page because you don't need the "email enroller" software which began the process of subscribing you. You were sent links by a mass auto-mailer to brink you to this page. You can simply directly call up this page to go to the right places to set up your free web accounts and subscribe as appropriate when you have the time and energy.

After many weeks of trial starts with a number of approaches, I finally settled on MeWe and Locals. It was a long story, but I will spare you most of it.  I thought in November I could go with MeWe but it was still too immature, too close to start-up instabilities. So I looked at well over a dozen different ways of communicating and organizing.   But all fell short of my criteria. Fortunately MeWe has come a good ways in the past 90 days as has my understanding of what is possible in today's internet world. (Not nearly as much as we would like).

MeWe seemed to capture the right ideas with some simple structuring which is highly customizable and expandable in creative ways.  It is also focused on serving people, not corporations and not international mafia posing as governments. So privacy and security of communication is high on their list.  So is freedom of speech, about which they have made some strong promises.  I just hope they can handle the arm twisting which will soon enough descend upon them.

So far,  this is an intelligently designed Social Media platform with a lot of secure, private communication capabilities which is free forever, plus is sans advertising, and which DOES NOT harvest your account information for resale to Amazon and other marketing privateers.  So the medium offers a lot with the right old fashioned "values" and thusly it is well worth becoming a member. Dr. Mercola likes it and is doing a lot with it, which in itself is a great recommendation. AND, it is free, as is the Earth Changes Bulletin.

Much of this also can be said about In some ways I prefer LOCALS.  Presentations are more elegent, there is less compacted confusion, there are many highly intelligent and well informed people opening group sites on this platform.  So it is a great "neighborhood".  They also offer notifications of postings directly to your personal PC email boxes.

When you click the button below, you will go first to to a form which will sign you up as a member of MeWe.  Then it will ask you to confirm your ID by going to your email inbox to find an email from MeWe which you can respond to.  This will take you to a window for "Earthchanges". When you are at Earthchanges for the first time, you are in review mode.  There is a panel at the top of the browser display which asks if you really want to subscribe. Just click as is appropriate. Now you are subscribed to the Earth Changes Bulletin posts.

So go now to the Subscription Page at - click  SUBSCRIBE

 After subcribing at MeWe.COM,

go subscribe to at LOCALS.COM. 

Congratulations.  You will be subscribed at two different so-called Social Media sites which promise freedom, no censorship, and no spying for political crooks or corporate manipulators.  They have somewhat different features and powers along with different types of audiences. There is a great advantage of being able to get newsfeeds from both of these vary rapidly growing sites.

I will be broadcasting out through both but my favorite is LOCALS.  It is more elegant and simpler to operate.

Occasionally I will also be  broadcasting some stuff out through GAB, PARLOR, and Facebook (and probably others).  These will be mainly efforts to promote our newsfeeds on Locals and MeWe .

If you are intentful about actively cooperating with other people for dealing with the massive "changes in humanity" which are occuring, you really ought to also subscribe to Telegram.  It is completely free, no ads, is completely offshore, cannot be touched politically by the Anglo-American Imperium, and is operated by idealistic Russians who have been seriously bitten by the Freedom Bug. It is offering the ability to develop mass audiences without restrictions for any kind of information sharing, including MP4 video and audio and live audio and video conferences. It seems ideal for streaming out coverage of major events.   I would like to try some very serious stuff there, as well as some fun.  It is not a great way for stockpiling information as in archiving, etc, but for getting out the word for what people are thinking, planning, or doing in the moment, Telegram looks like the cat's meow for the rest of us.

Be sure to read the founders' own article about why they created Telegram and some of their ambitions for the future.  They are far more evolved as human beings than the Twitter and Facebook mobs.

To establish an account at Telegram, you have to go to

Then lick on the appropriate device you access through (PC, Apple, Ipad, Cell phone, etc, and sign up.  All you need for an account is your name and phone number. They assign you an account number.  Write it down.  Thereafter just use the account number to log in,  The phone number is used by them to establish that you are a real person and not a fake.  They do not display it or make any other use of it.

To get it all working, you download the App.  You need that because they don't keep your data for long periods. You keep your data.

The Earth Changes Bulletin url on is:

I hope you get on list at Telegram.  I intend to create some special online streaming video discussions, intervies,  multi-party presentations, you name it.


Your initial subscription will remain free in all social media.  Many announcements, information on events, and commentaries by subscribers will continue to flow in the free section until pigs fly. But within a couple of months the regular Earth Changes Bulletin Weekly Updates will need your support with a nominal autopay of $2.00/month. Many other posts will stil be free to view. That is as inexpensive as I could make it.  My goal is to achieve a paid subscription base of 5000 souls which will provide me the ability to continue on in this life and do some on the spot journalism of  unusual major earth events.

The paid subscription will be served through  It will remain free for a couple of months (from April 2021) untill Summer 2021. It will continue to freely serve up higher quality displays of essays, data feeds, and catalogs of video reports by a large number of cutting edge reporters and essayists who have been squeezed out of the traditional media and the big Social Media.

LOCALS is a very good neighborhood, some high quality journalists and activist personalities are on the the site, such as Robert Bares,& Tulsi Gabbard.

As a member of LOCALS or MeWe, you also will be able to set up your own group, communicate your own stuff, and feed it automatically into the Earthchanges channel.  So for all you Nancy Drews and Sherlock Holmes in disquise as average people, here is a great place to disseminate your earth-shattering clues about whodunnit.

P.S. At MeWe there are some strange little foibles about clicking buttons and mouse movement.  They sometimes don't quite work the standard way.  Make sure you are dead center on them.  Maybe it is just my system....and its not a big deal.

Oh, and by the way:  here is the new website link for:  I have a ton of stuff which will be slowly plugged into it.

Phoenix Quest (will soon be available separately  at 

Phoenix Quest will return to activity as an active meditation site and discussion about recovery and maintenance of Health on the road to Spiritual Ascension.  Members can subscribe to announcements to stay in the loop.

Silver Mist  (will soon be available separately at

Silver Mist will emerge very rapidly as a group centered around the "Silver Mist" book(s) which will be released soon.  The group will serve as a serious source of information and public discussion and education about the application of nano silver and other highly effective herbal solutions for the  overthrow of the medical pandemic scam created through WHO, the British Deep State (Perfidious Albion aka Saruman), Klaus Schwabe, CDC, NIH, Fauci, and Gates.


  • Phoenix5 is a pen name of Michael Wells Mandeville

  • Earth Changes Bulletin Archives are not currently  structured into the new websites as of Jan. 2021.  This involves a lot of work which will be accomplished slowly during the next year.






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